1. XHTML intro
  2. XHTML purpose
  3. XHTML/HTML diff
  4. XHTML syntax
  6. HTML to XHTML
  7. XHTML validation
  8. XHTML modules
  9. HTML 5
  10. XHTML history
  11. XHTML summary

XHTML tutorials

XHTML is the next phase in the evolution of HTML. The last version of HTML before XHTML was HTML 4.01. The first version of XHTML was XHTML 1.0, and the current version of XHTML is XHTML 1.1.

This section contains tutorials on a variety of XHTML topics including the purpose of XHTML, the differences between XHTML and HTML, XHTML document type definitions, XHTML page validation, and more.

While you're reading through the tutorials make sure you check out the other HTML/XHTML resources available on this website (listed below).

HTML/XHTML examples

Visit the HTML examples section for plenty of working examples of XHTML/HTML code.

HTML/XHTML exercises

Practice your XHTML/HTML skills with the HTML/XHTML exercises

XHTML quiz

Test your knowledge of XHTML with the XHTML quiz

HTML tutorials

XHTML is important to know, and so is HTML. Check out our HTML tutorials.

Guide to building your first webpage

If you have not built any webpages yet and are ready to do so check out our first webpage guide.

HTML/XHTML reference

There is so much to know and remember with HTML/XHTML, the handy HTML/XHTML reference should help you with that!

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