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Website files

How do you work with your website's files? There are various methods that exist for this, some more technical than others. Whichever method(s) you choose is ultimately up to you.

This section contains tutorials on various methods by which you can work with your website's files and perform operations like uploading files, downloading files, deleting files, renaming files, and more. Navigate through the tutorials using the menu on the left.

You will probably agree that it's very cool how you can work on files on another computer and then have them shown live to the whole world on a website!

A quick word about website files...

The files of a website are stored on a computer called a web server. This is a server run by the web host. When users make requests for these files, the web hosts server will send them to the users web browser.

Every time you try to access content from a website, your web browser is making use of the HTTP protocol to send the request to a web server which transfers the data to you.

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