Graphics & color sites

Graphics & color are a very important aspect of the web. Think of all the beautiful graphics out there that make websites more appealing or the different color schemes that mesh so well together. Fortunately, there exist several resources which help you do things like pick good color schemes and manipulate images.

Color Blender
Will help you choose a color scheme with an auto match program. You use the Red, Green, and Blue sliders to choose one color and the website automatically chooses colors that match that color.

Lets you create your own color schemes using an interactive color wheel. You can also browse through thousands of color schemes other people have created.

Sherwin Williams is actually a company that sells paint and coating, but they do have a great tool that lets you browse through thousands of different colors (as well as providing the RGB code for each color).

Color Tools
Contains lots of free color tools like a color mixer and a color matcher.

Dr. Pic
An online picture editor that has options like image resize, brightness/contrast, sharpen, rotate, and more.

An online picture editor similar to Dr. Pic but with a few different options.

Dynamic Drive gradient tool
Dynamic Drive is already mentioned on our Ready made scripts page. This is a link specifically to their gradient image maker. Make your own gradient images quickly and efficiently.

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