Web development code editors

If you're using just a code editor with no special functionality than you're missing out. There are many enhanced editors out there with special functions such as syntax highlighting, project management, built-in FTP, and the ability to have many files open in tabs at once.

Notepad 2
A very basic code editor with a few features like syntax highlighting and bracket matching. Good for beginners.

A very practical bare-bones code editor which contains syntax highlighting, built-in FTP, zooming in and out, macros, and more.

Has many of the same features as Notepad++, but one great feature it has that Notepad++ does not is a preview window where you can preview how your website is going to look in a web browser. Kompozer is great for people who are looking for a simple but effective website development program.

A complex website development tool with many features such as project management, sitewide search, built-in FTP, built-in templates, and much much more. It's not free though... Dreamweaver goes for $399 dollars. You can download a free demo of Dreamweaver first and see how you like it.

Sea Monkey
A code editor, web browser, email client, and chat client all in one. If you want to be able to do everything in one window instead of switching over from window to window all the time then Sea Monkey might be just what you need. Features include a preview window, ability to easily add webpage elements with point-and-click, and built-in error console.

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