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  1. Web dev jobs intro
  2. Web dev jobs basics
  3. Resume & cover letter
  4. Portfolios
  5. Experience
  6. Freelancing
  7. Freelancing vs. real job
  8. Web dev jobs sites
  9. Web dev job interviews
  10. Getting the job
  11. Keeping the job
  12. Outsourcing
  13. Getting fired
  14. Summary

Web Development Jobs sites

There are many websites in existence that you can use to find a job in the web development industry - both for working in a company as well as for freelance work.

This tutorial focuses on:

Read the whole ad

When you read the ad for a job, make sure you read the whole ad. This way you will find specific information that's important to know that you may not have not found if you just skimmed through the ad.

Specific information such as:

Know your worth

Some companies will try to underpay you. Know your worth before answering an ad or going into a new job.

Web designer compensation

Results from salary.com regarding Web designer compensation

Web developer compensation

Results from salary.com regarding Web developer compensation

Graphic designer compensation

Results from salary.com regarding Graphic designer compensation

Jobs sites

Sites posting jobs for work in a company have ads that almost always require a resume. Sites posting jobs for people to find freelance work have ads that almost never require a resume (but they do ask for a portfolio!).

Employee job sites


Freelance work sites

Get A Freelancer
Authentic Jobs
Get A Coder

Jobs sites RSS

RSS is a published list (also known as a "feed") of the most recent updates to a website or a part of a website (like a blog or forums). You can subscribe to the RSS of a website and be able to look at a list of it's most recent updates instead of going to that website all the time and checking if they have updated since the last time you were there.

Use RSS to your advantage when trying to find a job online by filtering the RSS of new job listings by keywords that interest you. Example - you are looking for freelance work only, you can filter new job listings by the keyword 'freelance'.

To set an RSS filter - go to one of the job sites listed above and find their RSS feed (if they have one), subscribe to it in your RSS feed reader (such as Google Reader or Feedreader), then find the option in your RSS feed reader to create a folder where you send items from RSS feeds based on certain keywords. Create the folder, set the filter, and you're ready to go.

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