Web dev jobs
  1. Web dev jobs intro
  2. Web dev jobs basics
  3. Resume & cover letter
  4. Portfolios
  5. Experience
  6. Freelancing
  7. Freelancing vs. real job
  8. Web dev jobs sites
  9. Web dev job interviews
  10. Getting the job
  11. Keeping the job
  12. Outsourcing
  13. Getting fired
  14. Summary

Web Development Jobs summary

The web development industry is very competitive, but very flexible, offering lots of options in regards to what you can specialize in and where you can work. Opportunities range from very low to very high in terms of complexity, labor intensity, required skill, and pay. Web development jobs have alot of variety and possibilities.

As a web developer, you are sitting in front of a computer with internet access building something that is going to appear online. You are not bound to a physical location. This means that the web development industry is an excellent industry for freelancing opportunities.

The tutorials in this section have taught you about work in the web development industry. The tutorials included information on work settings, resumes & cover letters, portfolios, freelancing, getting & keeping a new job, and more.

Web development jobs quiz

Take our Web Development jobs quiz to test your knowledge of jobs in the web development industry.

What's next?

Consider getting a job in the web development industry if you don't have one already. If you feel that web development is not something you want to do as a career, that's ok too. But are you going to keep learning web development as a hobby? Being able to build a website and do things like get it on the first page of search engines is certainly a great set of skills to have!

If you do plan on getting a job in the web development industry remember to check out the resources listed in our Web development jobs sites page.

Remember that you might have to go through a technical interview so make sure you're familiar with the various languages, technologies, and concepts out there today such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, RSS, and more.

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