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Web Development Jobs outsourcing

Outsourcing is the process by which an organization acquires services from an outside source.

For example, a company that needs some web design work done but has no web designers as employees will seek the services of individuals outside of the company.

Due to the flexible nature of the web industry it is strongly prone to outsourcing and in recent times outsourcing has become very popular in this industry. Outsourcing is a somewhat controversial issue. Because of it, some people have lost their jobs, some people's workload has been greatly reduced, while some others have more work to do than ever.

This tutorial focuses on:

When you are being outsourced

It's easy to talk bad about outsourcing when it increases competition and reduces the amount of work you can get, but what about when you are the one being outsourced? Do you continue feeling the same way about outsourcing or does your opinion of it suddenly improve?

Outsourcing means acquiring services from an outside source, which means not just foreign countries like India, but freelancers as well (whether local or many miles away). That's right, hiring a freelancer to do web development work is also outsourcing. If you're a freelancer, whenever you are hired to do some work, you are being outsourced.

If a company hires you to do web development work, then it's possible that they don't have any people in their offices to do that kind of work. But this doesn't necessasrily mean you have no competition for the work...

Outsourcing competition

If you are being outsourced, who will be your competition? Well, you will always be facing competition from other outsourced individuals, at the very least. You might also have competition from employees of a company that is outsourcing you or people looking to get hired to work in that company.

Whatever your situation you are in (outsourced, full time employee) and whatever competition you are facing as a web developer, there's no reason to panic. If you are confident in your skills and competent in your field, then you can and will continue to get work. Whoever your competition may be, your objective should always remain the same - be better than the competition!

To stay ahead in the web development industry:

Advice for businesses

NOTE: This advice is in regards to web development/design work only. We cannot give advice regarding other type of work.

Your decision to outsource or not should be based on how much your company needs web development work. If it's needed on a constant basis then you should hire someone full time, if you haven't already. If it's needed once in a while then you should outsource.

If you have an employee or employees doing web development work full time but sometimes their hands are full and you temporarily need someone to do some extra work, outsource the extra work, and everything else your full time people can do.

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