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Web Development Jobs keeping the job

You think back to that moment when you opened your e-mail inbox and found out you got the job and how happy you were , and then you think to yourself 'Has it already been three months since then?'

This tutorial focuses on:

Behavior protocol

Feelings of wonderment and worry start to come over you as you ask yourself questions such as 'Should I continue as I am or are there modes of my behavior I should change?', 'Do my managers like me?', 'Am I doing something wrong?'. These are questions you should definitely be asking yourself when you're at a job for a while.

Sit down when you have some free time and analyze/evaluate the situation so far. Consider the above questions and things that have happened from your first day at the job up to this point. Consider how your co-workers and managers have acted towards you, if you met deadlines when you needed to (at least most of the time), if you came on time and showed a good work ethic, if you ever got in trouble for anything.

If you work in a corporate setting, then your company is probably going to do an employee assesment of you (as well as other employees) considering the above factors and more. You will be called into an office to have a talk with Human Resources or your manager (or both) and they will tell you how you have been evaluated.

Whether your company performs an employee assesment of you or not, you should still do an assesment of yourself. This will show you your weak and strong points and where you can improve in work and in life.

Getting a warning

People in the workplace are afraid of getting fired. Nobody wants it to happen to them. Not only does it mean having to look for another job, it also hurts your ego. If you are worried that you are about to get fired because of something you are doing (or not doing, like underperforming) then that is probably the case.

If you have been working for a company for at least a few months then you will get a warning first. You will be called into an office to have a talk with Human Resources or your manager (or both) and they will tell you what it is you're doing wrong and what you need to do to be a better employee.

Take this warning and what they tell you seriously. Following up on this may be the difference between keeping the job and getting fired.

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