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Web Development Jobs getting the job

You sent in your resume, went through the interview, and got the job! Now what?

This tutorial focuses on:

The agreement letter

Three days after your interview you log in to your e-mail inbox hoping to maybe see a response from the company that interviewed you. What's this? It's what you were hoping for! What's this? They want to hire you!!

This message will contain some words of praise saying that they like you and would like to hire you. This message may also contain an agreement letter. The agreement letter is a legal document that sets what you can and can't do while working for the company. Read through it carefully and sign it.

Your first day

You have arrived at your new job on your first day. Are you nervous? Are you going to be shy when meeting your new co-workers? It's alright if you are, but there's nothing to be nervous or shy about.

Human Resources (or someone in a mangerial position if there is no Human Resources department) will show you around the building, where everything is, like the cafeteria, other departments in the company, etc. You might be shown a video on proper workplace ethics which talks about things like respecting others regardless of race, gender, or religion, what to do if you feel someone is harrasing you or discriminating against you, and how all this is important to the smooth running of the office. Once you get through all this you can get settled at your desk and start working.

Mode of behavior

Be formal and polite. Don't discuss politics and religion. As you meet your new co-workers, maintain proper office protocol. Tell them your name, make a little small talk if necessary. Wear proper office clothes - button down shirt, tie, and formal shoes for males, similar professional attire for females. Nothing to fancy or you might come off as pretentious.

NOTE: If your company lets you dress casually every day, that is great!

Your first day may be a little awkward even after you meet your co-workers and get situated in your cubicle/office. It's normal to feel that way. It is after all, your first day in a new place. You will feel more and more comfortable as time goes on.

Your first month

How long do you think it will take until you feel fully comfortable at your new job? That moment when you're not the "new guy" or the "new girl" anymore. When you can come in and not feel like people are still evaluating and analyzing you. It's different for everyone, but our recommendation is give it a month.

Once you are at your new job for a month then you can feel comfortable at it, feeling that you're fully part of the group. However long it takes, remember that you should always keep to a certain behavior at your job no matter how long you have been employed there.

Proper office behavior:

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