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Web Development Jobs getting fired or quitting

If you currently have a web development job, how long do you expect to be there? Are you considering quitting or feel like you're about to get fired for whatever reason? If you quit, it's all you..your on your own. You made the decision and you choose what to do from that point. If you get fired, it's another story. It's not something people are always prepared for.

This tutorial focuses on:

Don't lose hope

It's a friday afternoon and you're happily looking forward to the weekend. Suddenly you get a phone call from your boss to meet him in the conference room. You walk over to the conference room where your boss and the head of the Human Resources department are seated. You sit down and they tell you that the company is letting go of a few people and you're one of them. You have until the end of the day to clean out your desk.

As you're cleaning out your desk and getting ready to go alot of thoughts questions are running through your head. How long will it be until you find another job? Where will it be? Will you be making less money? more money? Should you perhaps become a freelancer? Whatever your'e thinking, the important thing is not to lose hope. Calm down, tell yourself everything is going to be ok. Because if you believe it, it will be. Your thoughts become your actions.

When you have a moment, clear your mind and analyze the situation. Figure out what it is you have to do. It's not as simple as 'just look for another job'. What if your city doesn't have many web development jobs and you are offered a job in another city? Would you be willing to relocate? Ask yourself the right questions, formulate a plan. Take a walk and get some air if you need it (it will relieve some of your stress).

Finding a new job

Finding a new job through connections

If you have friends or family in the industry ask them to set you up with a job. Your chances of getting a job by knowing someone on the "inside" are much greater than trying to get into a company not knowing anyone there. If you do get a job through "connections" don't take it for granted and always remember that you are an employee of this company and you have to do what it is you're paid to do. Just because you got in by knowing someone in the company it doesn't mean you don't have to work hard like everyone else.

Job sites

Sites posting jobs for work in a company have ads that almost always require a resume. Sites posting jobs for people to find freelance work have ads that almost never require a resume (but they do ask for a portfolio!).

Employee job sites


Freelance work sites

Get A Freelancer
Authentic Jobs
Rent A Coder
Get A Coder

NOTE: While you are looking for a new job, file for unemployment benefits. This will insure you have at least some source of income while you look for a new job.

Keeping the new job

To make sure you don't get fired again, don't repeat the same mistakes as before (if you got fired because of underperformance). Do a self assesment of yourself every two weeks to see how you're doing, consider areas where you can improve.

Also remember to follow proper office behavior:

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