How to get listed in the search engines

Gettting your site listed in the search engines has the potential of bringing in so much traffic (and sales if you're running a business online). And seeing your site listed on a search engine for the first time is a rather exciting experience :)

This tutorial only focuses on how to get listed in the search engines, not how to improve your search engine ranking.

Most search engines have a submission page where you can fill out a form to have your site listed.

Get listed on Google through Google's URL submission page.
Get listed on Yahoo through Yahoo's URL submission page.
Get listed on Bing through Bing's URL submission page.

Getting listed on DMOZ

DMOZ is not a search engine but a directory, and a HUGE directory for sure. Get your site listed at DMOZ for some free traffic.

Find out all about submitting a site to the DMOZ directory at the DMOZ submission help page.

Automatic submission

The above information focuses on manually submitting a site to search engines. There is actually a way for this to happen automatically....

If a site that is already on a search engine (such as links back to your site, the next time a search engine's web bot comes around to that site, it will see a link to your site (a site that it has not indexed yet) and will index it and you will be listed.

Knowing your site has been listed

Go to a search engine and type in your site name together with the .com (like and see if your site comes up. You should try this once you think your site has been listed.

You can also check your visitor statistics to see if you have been visited by one or more search engine bots. Bots are small programs sent by search engines to crawl the entire web and find new pages to index.

If you're running AWStats or Webalizer as your statistics program, in AwStats check the "Robots/Spiders" table, in Webalizer check the "User Agents" table, and check the user agent names for things that resemble search engine bots like Googlebot/2.1 (+ which is one of Google's bots.

The User Agent String website has a long list of the names of search engine bots that you can reference to see if a search engine bot has visited and indexed your website.

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