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These are comments we have received from people contacting us by email:

Name: Haider
Comment: Dear landofcode team thanks for presenting such a good developers site i like this because the language you guys are using very comman everybody can understand easily and I m getting it easily thanks

Name: Jonathan
Comment: Thank you for a great website the explanations of complex issues is explained perfectly!

Name: Farhan
Comment: respected sir, i just went thorugh yr site.this is a superb site as far as software training is concerned.

Name: Shadow
Comment: I've emailed you before once, and i cam back to the site about 2 months ago and you were doing some upgrades and stuff. I'm glad to see this website back and I'm going to recommend it to my Masters course buddies. Thanks for your hard work.

Name: b l
Comment: Hi, i'm a reader of your website (very instructive, thanks a lot!!)

Name: Urban
Comment: I enjoy your site very much!

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