1. VBScript intro
  2. VBScript basics
  3. VBScript variables
  4. VBScript procedures
  5. VBScript popup boxes
  6. VBScript conditions
  7. VBScript loops
  8. VBScript arrays
  9. VBScript strings
  10. VBScript date & time
  11. VBScript for IE 11
  12. VBScript summary

VBScript summary

VBScript is a scripting language used in Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser and browsers based on Internet Explorer's engine such as Flashpeak's SlimBrowser.

VBScript is short for Visual Basic Scripting Edition. VBScript is a lighter version of the Visual Basic programming language, and like Visual Basic, VBScript was developed by Microsoft.

NOTE: Remember that VBScript code only works in the above mentioned browsers. If you are using Firefox, download the IETab extension to be able to view the output of code written in VBScript inside Firefox.

The tutorials in this section included information on a variety of VBScript topics including printing text, working with variables, loop, strings, displaying date & time, and more.

VBScript examples

Visit the VBScript examples section to see lots of examples of VBScript code in action.

What's next?

At this point you should at the very least be familiar with building webpages (HTML), and working with dynamic and interactive content (VBScript).

Now you can move on to styling pages - check out our CSS tutorials to learn how to do that. You could also begin working with more powerful and complex languages and technologies like PHP or ASP. Check out our PHP tutorials and ASP tutorials to learn how to do that. Or you could learn a language similar to VBScript called Javascript (also a browser-side scripting language) at our Javascript tutorials.

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