1. RSS introduction
  2. RSS structure
  3. RSS tags
  4. RSS channels
  5. RSS items
  6. RSS publish
  7. RSS read
  8. RSS find
  9. RSS tools
  10. RSS Summary

Publish your RSS feed

Once you've set up your RSS and have at least one item in it, you can go ahead and publish it to the world!

Make it live

Share it with the world

RSS in the address bar

Have you seen the RSS icon appear on the right side of the address bar when you visit certain websites? You can have the RSS icon appear for your website as well this way by including a link to the RSS file in the head section of your HTML.

In the head section put:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" href="" />

where theRSS.xml is replaced by the URL of your RSS feed. People will be able to click the RSS icon and see the contents of your RSS file in their browser.

RSS on your pages

Have a link directly to your RSS feed on your webpage. You can use descriptive text for the link like this:

<a href="" />Our most recent updates</a>

You can also use the familiar RSS button images RSS  RSS and link them to your RSS feed:

<a href="" /> <img src="/images/rss.gif" alt="Most recent updates" /> </a>

RSS directories

There are many RSS directories you can submit your RSS to. Here are a few:

Syndic8, NewsIsFree, Feedage, The Free Dictionary

This page will help you find some more.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the URL to your RSS feed is not your site's homepage, but the actual location of the RSS feed (like in the above examples).

RSS submit to search engines

Just as you can submit regular webpages to search engines, you can also submit RSS feeds.

Submit RSS feed to Yahoo

RSS publishing services

How will you know how many people are reading your RSS feed? What if you want people to subscribe to it? These things and much more can be done with RSS publishing services.

Two available services to manage your RSS feeds include Feedburner (owned by Google) and RapidFeeds.

Keep updating your site

After publishing your RSS feed, if you don't continue to update your site you will have nothing to add to the feed. This can upset some of your visitors and your site will stagnate after a while. Keep updating your site frequently and make sure to mention the updates in your RSS feed.

NOTE: Keep in mind that a frequently updated site with an RSS feed that reflects all the updates will probably receive an increase in traffic.

Managing your RSS feed

If you manage your RSS feed yourself it can be time consuming especially if your site has lots of frequent updates. An alternative solution is to use an RSS management service that will do it for you such as myRSScreator or FeedFire.

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