1. RSS introduction
  2. RSS structure
  3. RSS tags
  4. RSS channels
  5. RSS items
  6. RSS publish
  7. RSS read
  8. RSS find
  9. RSS tools
  10. RSS Summary

Finding RSS feeds

There is so much information for so many subjects on the internet. It's great that a technology like RSS exists to make it possible to stream information from different sources online. But how can you find RSS feeds for things you want to read about?

RSS directories

You can submit your RSS to RSS directories, and you can also use them to read the RSS of other sites! These directories are searchable so you can go through them and find your topic of interest and subscribe to the RSS feeds listed for that topic.

RSS directories:

Syndic8, NewsIsFree, Feedage, The Free Dictionary

RSS software feed search

Some RSS readers have built-in functionality such as the ability to search for feeds around the web by keyword, that you can use to find new feeds.

Use your RSS readers feed finding capabilities to find the feeds you need!

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