RSS item elements

These tags can all be included in the <item> tag in an RSS file. All tags are optional unless otherwise specified. Click on a tag for more information and some examples.

Element Description
<author> Specifies the email address of the author of an RSS item.
<category> Specifies a category for an RSS item.
<comments> Specifies a URL where comments about an RSS item can be found.
<description> Required. Sets a description for an RSS item.
<enclosure> Specifies a media file to be included with an RSS item.
<guid> Stands for Globally Unique Identifier. Sets a string that uniquely identifies an RSS item.
<link> Required. Specifies the URL where the RSS item content can be found
<pubDate> Specifies the publication date for an RSS item.
<source> Specifies the source of an RSS item (if it came from a third-party (like another RSS feed or another domain)).
<title> Required. Sets the title of an RSS item.
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