Programming intro.
  1. Definition
  2. Concepts
  3. Different languages
  4. Source code
  5. Writing programs
  6. Summary

What is computer programming?

How do you plan on programming a computer? Are you going to create a simple calculator? a document editing application? a multi-functional interactive game? something else? Whatever your plans, the road ahead is an interesting one. Computer programming is a challenging and rewarding discipline.

Computer programming is defined as telling a computer what to do through a special set of instructions which are then interpreted by the computer to perform some task(s). These instructions can be specified in one or more programming languages including Java, C, and C++.

A computer goes through a set of steps whose purpose is to achieve something. These steps are instructed to the computer by computer programs. Essentialy, computer programming is the process by which these programs are designed and implemented.

There are many advantages to learning computer programming such as gaining new skills, being able to tell the computer what to do, and becoming better acquainted with computers. Whether you are a computer hobbyist, a student, an IT professional, or are just curious about the subject, learning how to program a computer will be highly beneficial.

While computer programming can be a great tool used to achieve many things, there are a few misconceptions about it. Let's clear them up!

With computer programming, you tell the computer what to do. The more you master the subject, the more power to you!

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