Programming intro.
  1. Definition
  2. Concepts
  3. Different languages
  4. Source code
  5. Writing programs
  6. Summary

The different types of languages

Not any computer programming language can do anything. There are limitations, and actually, different languages are used for different tasks.

This tutorial focuses on:

Web languages

Used for creating and editing pages on the web. Can do anything from putting plain text on a webpage, to accessing and retrieving data from a database. Vary greatly in terms of power and complexity.

Software languages

Used for creating executable programs. Can create anything from simple console programs that print some text to the screen to entire operating systems. Vary greatly in terms of power and complexity.

The different generations of languages

There are currently five generations of computer programming languages. In each generation, the languages syntax has become easier to understand and more human-readable.

Procedure-oriented programming

A type of programming where a structured method of creating programs is used. With procedure-oriented programming, a problem is broken up into parts and each part is then broken up into further parts. All these parts are known as procedures . They are separate but work together when needed. A main program centrally controls them all.

Some procedure-oriented languages are COBOL, FORTRAN, and C.

Object oriented programming

A type of programming where data types representing data structures are defined by the programmer as well as their properties and the things that can be done with them. With object-oriented programming, programmers can also create relationships between data structures and create new data types based on existing ones by having one data type inherit characteristics from another one.

In object-oriented programming, data types defined by the programmer are called classes (templates for a real world object to be used in a program). For example, a programmer can create a data type that represents a car - a car class. This class can contain the properties of a car (color, model, year, etc.) and functions that specify what the car does (drive, reverse, stop, etc.)

Some object-oriented languages include C++, Java, and PHP.

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