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Make money online tips

The advice on this page will help you reduce some stress and be more properly balanced.

Avoid scams

You have to watch out for scams across many different industries, but especially the online money making industry.

If you think you're to good for scams, you're probably wrong (not trying to burst your ego :) ). Scammers are very sneaky and it's sometimes hard to see through their words/actions to their true motives. Question things, be a little cynical.

Check out our spotting make money online scams page for information on how to spot scams in the online money making world.

Don't burn yourself out

How many maximum hours a day do you think you can work? 12? 14? There is such a thing as working too much, you know. If you work too much you will fry your brain! It's ok once in a while (get some rest the next day if you do it), but do it continuously and it will have a bad effect on your health.

If you haven't reached the maximum daily hours and your work day is continuing, how will you know if you're burning yourself out? You will get that really tired feeling that tells you that you need to stop working, and when it happens..stop! Take a short break (or a long one if you need it). Go outside, look at some trees, get some air, relax your mind and then get back to work.

Actually, if you feel that you have had enough work for the day then stop working. You'll have time to get more work done the next day, your health is important too. You shouldn't burn yourself out, but at the same time you should achieve a high level of productivity which brings us to.....

Work-life balance

Whether you're going to pursue making money online full time or as a side project to your regular job, you need to have a proper balance between work and life. The best way to achieve this is to try different things as you go along instead of writing up a work-life balance theory and assuming it will work for you. Different things work for different people and you will only know what works best for you once you try it.

Work-life balance recommendations:

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