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Java strings

A string is a grouping of text. You can store this group of a text in a variable that would then be known as a String variable. You can print strings, and you can also use various functions to perform operations on strings such as returning the string's length.

This tutorial focuses on:

Declaring a string

String nameOfString = "stringValue"; String nameOfString = new String("stringValue");
String aString = "This is a string"; String aString = new String("This is a string");

Whether you declare a string as a variable or with the new keyword, it becomes an instance of the String class. We discuss classes in detail in the Object-oriented Java page. For now, you should just know that a class is a special type of variable.

Printing a string

Use the System.out.print or System.out.println methods to print a string.

String myString = "I like pineapple"; //print a string variable System.out.println(myString); //print a non-variable string //just put some text in double quotes and it's done System.out.println("Green is a great color");
I like pineapple Green is a great color


Concatenation is the process by which two or more strings are joined together. This is achieved with the use of the + operator. You can use concatenation to join two or more strings into one or print two or more strings together.

String aString = "Here is some text. "; String anotherString = "Here is some more text."; //declare a third string and //combine into it the first two strings String combinedString = aString + anotherString; System.out.println(combinedString); //print two strings together System.out.println("Notepad is a " + "simple text editor.");
Here is some text. Here is some more text. Notepad is a simple text editor.

String functions

The String class has various functions (methods) you can use to work with text.

String aString = "Here is some text"; String anotherString = "Here is some more text"; //extract the third character //from the aString string and print it System.out.println(aString.charAt(2)); //compare the two strings aString and anotherString //and specify if they are the same or not System.out.println("The two strings match: " + aString.equals(anotherString)); //print the length of the aString string System.out.println("The length of the aString string variable is " + aString.length()); //print the anotherString string in all uppercase letters System.out.println(aString.toUpperCase());
r The two strings match: false The length of the aString string variable is 17 HERE IS SOME TEXT
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