Java Java intro
  1. Java intro
  2. Java basics
Java core
  1. Java variables
  2. Java conditionals
  3. Java loops
  4. Java arrays
  5. Java strings
Object-oriented Java
  1. Java OOP 1
  2. Java OOP 2
  3. Java packages
  4. Java interfaces
Java interactive
  1. Java user input
  2. Java exceptions
  3. Java events
Graphical Java
  1. Java GUI
  2. Java GUI layout
  3. Java graphics
Java extras
  1. Java applets
  2. Java sounds
  3. Java random numbers
Java wrap-up
  1. Java summary

Introduction to Java

The word 'Java' has various meanings. It is the name of a programming language, a slang term for coffee, and the name of an island. For the sake of staying on topic, we will be discussing Java the programming language.

Java was invented by Sun Microsystems.

This tutorial focuses on:

What you should already know

Before studying Java, you should already have at least a basic understanding of a dynamic web development language like PHP or Javascript or a software development language such as C or C++. You should also have at least a basic understanding of computer programming.

What is Java?

Java is a programming language used to develop software applications as well as applets that run on webpages.

Java file extensions

Java source code files have a .java extension. Java programs have a .class extension.

Java and Javascript

Java and Javascript, what's the difference? A major difference!!

Some people think that Java and Javascript are the same language. They are not.

Java is a language used to create software applications and applets, while Javascript is a scripting language used to create dynamic and interactive content on webpages.

What can be done with Java?

Many things:

All this and more can be done with Java!

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