HTML/XHTML reference

This section provides reference material for HTML. It includes a list of tags with details and examples for each, HTTP status codes, HTML languages codes, and much more.

HTML tags
A complete listing of all the HTML tags available in HTML 4. This page contains links to view more details about each tag as well as examples.

HTTP status codes
404, 303, 500..what do these numbers mean? Webpages give all types of codes for different reasons. This page contains a listing of all of them as well as an explanation on what each one means.

HTML language codes
The web is international therefore you will find webpages written in many different languages. To specify the language of a webpage (or a portion of a webpage) a special language code needs to be used. This page contains a listing of the various language codes you can use in HTML and which language they are used for.

HTML standard attributes
While different HTML tags are used for different things, there are some attributes that are universal. These attributes are known as standard attributes. This page contains a listing of all of the standard attributes in HTML as well as an explanation of their purpose and some examples for each one.

HTML event attributes
HTML works together with several scripting languages such as Javascript and VBScript to act upon events such as the clicking of a button. Using event attributes you can trigger script code to be executed when such events occur.

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