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Each example can be viewed in the online code editor so that you can expirement with the code as much as you like.

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HTML basics

Setting a background color
Including comments in code
Setting the title of a document
A simple HTML document

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HTML text

Displaying bold, italic, or underlined text
Displaying text in different sizes using headings
Displaying text in different fonts, sizes, and colors
Using various text tags at once

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HTML text formatting

Abbreviations and acronyms
Displaying text as an address
Skipping lines in a webpage
Using computer-output tags
Definition lists
Deleting and inserting text
Creating horizontal lines
Creating an ordered list
Creating ordered lists
Creating an unordered list
Creating unordered lists
Creating nested lists
Displaying paragraphs
Displaying preformatted text
Displaying quotations
Setting text to a subscript or superscript
Setting text direction

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HTML links

Linking to other websites
Linking to other directories
Linking within the same page
Opening links in a new window
Linking to resources other than webpages

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HTML images

Displaying images from the same directory
Displaying images from another directory or website
Setting a background image
Setting an image to different sizes
Setting image border size
Setting an image as a link
Setting a title for an image
Aligning an image with a paragraph

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HTML imagemaps

Associating an image with an imagemap
A completed imagemap

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HTML tables

Basic HTML table
Table celpadding
Table cellspacing
Table cell background color
Table cell background image
Table with empty cells
Table row span and column span
Table background color
Table background image
Table borders size
Table caption
Table cell alignment
Table 'frame' attribute
Table headings
Table without borders
Tags in tables
Nested tables

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HTML frames

Horizontal frames
Vertical frames
Mixed frames
Frame jumping
Navigational frames
Frames with no borders
Frames not supported
Frames not resizable

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HTML forms

Form buttons
Form checkboxes
Form fieldset
Form hidden fields
Form images
Form password field
Form radio buttons
Form textarea
Form textbox
Submit a form
Reset a form

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HTML stylesheets

External stylesheet
Internal stylesheet
Inline stylesheet

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HTML meta tags

Specifying a page author
Specifying a page description
Specifying a page expiration
Specifying a page generator
Specifying keywords for a page
Preventing frames
Redirecting the user from one page to another

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HTML document types

Transitional document
Frameset document
Strict document

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HTML base

Setting a reference point
Opening links in a new window

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HTML scripts

Placing a script on a webpage
Dealing with browsers that cannot execute scripts

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