1. Debugging intro
  2. Debugging basics
  3. Debugging errors
  4. Debugging find errors
  5. Debugging best practices
  6. Debugging tools
  7. Debugging summary

Debugging tutorials

Do webpages always function as you intend them to right away? No. Web developers (as well as software developers) sometimes have errors in their code which prevent it from running the way you intend.

The process of finding and eliminating errors and also taking steps to prevent them in the future is known as debugging. It is a big thing in the world of code. There are several things that can go wrong and knowing what to do when something goes wrong is an important skill to have.

This section contains tutorials on a variety of debugging topics including when to expect errors, types of errors, common errors, how to find errors, good practices to avoid errors, and more. Navigate through the tutorials using the menu on the left.

Debugging quiz

Test your knowledge of this section with the debugging quiz

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