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Code editors Integrated development environment

A code editor is good - you have lots of features including syntax highlighting and tabs that will help the development process in some way, but a code editor is just one tool.

Beyond code editors, we have the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). An IDE is a combination of a code editor + several other tools used for web development including a compiler/interpreter, and debugger.

Why use a code editor when an IDE provides much more functionality?

Because you won't always need all that functionality. Sometimes an IDE is too much and just a code editor will do. IDE's are better for big projects, though some people prefer to use code editors for big projects. At the same time, some people prefer to use IDE's for everything.

Below we discuss some good IDE's you can use...


A very well known web development IDE. Dreamweaver has support for HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, ASP, PHP, and more.

Some features of Dreamweaver include a built-in language reference (for HTML and other languages), advanced search capabilities, FTP connectivity, a preview window, and much more.

Download Dreamweaver


An open source IDE that has support for Javascript, AJAX, HTML, DOM, and CSS. While Aptana supports all these languages, it's plugin system can be used to extend it to support PHP as well.

Some features of Aptana include project management, point-and-click building, code completion (together with code assistance that displays browser support for an HTML tag, Javascript element, or CSS property as you type it), and built-in FTP.

Download Aptana


Komodo is a great IDE that has support for many languages including HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

Some features of Komodo include a DOM viewer (to navigate code in a hierarchial structure), tabs, powerful debugging capabilities, , and remote file editing.

Download Komodo (click on the Web tab when you get to the page)

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