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Code editor features

There are many features available in code editors that help the development process in some way. There are some code editors with very few features, some with almost every feature you could think of, and everything in between.

Feature Description
Syntax highlighting Sets the different parts of code in different colors to signify what they represent. A very common feature in code editors, syntax highlighting can be used to improve the readability and context of code, and also help you find errors. Notepad++ syntax highlighting screenshot
Preview window Lets you to see how a webpage will look like in the same code editor window that you're working in (as opposed to going back and forth between the code editor and the browser). Some code editors have an option to switch between "code view" and "preview view" while others let you see your code and page at the same time.
Text zoom Lets you make the code bigger or smaller.
Plugins A plugin is a component that increases the functionality of a program. With some code editors, you can install plugins that will enhance your coding experience. For example, the notepad++ code editor has an FTP plugin that can be used to integrate FTP functionality right into it.
Advanced search capabilities Many code editors have advanced search capabilities which allow you to do things like search by letter case (capital or non-capital), search multiple files at once, do regular expression searches, and more.
Multiview Do you ever compare the code of two pages? What if you could do it in the same window? Some code editors have a multiview option that lets you look at the code of two documents side-by-side. Notepad++ multiview screenshot
Code completion You begin typing some code and near your code a small drop-down list will appear giving you a choice of how to finish what you just started typing. No need to type the same code over and over, let the code completion feature automate the process.
Point-and-click building Go to the menu, select the element you want to display, set it's attributes, and the code editor will write the code for you and display the element on the page based on your choices.
Tabs If you're working on more than one file at once, are you going to open a new window for each file? No need to! With tabs you can view as many files in one window as you want and each file will be opened in a separate tab.
Code block highlighting The more complex your code, the harder it will be to keep track of. With code block highlighting, the code editor informs you where a block of code begins and where it ends. Notepad++ code block highlighting screenshot
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