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Code editors basics

Before being comfortable with using a code editor you have to familiarize yourself with it. At some point, you may not want to use that same code editor any more and move onto a different one, or you may even start using more than one code editor at a time!

This tutorial focuses on:

When to start using a code editor

Start using a code editor right away so you get familiar with code editor features such as syntax highlighting and you get into the habit of writing code in the right environment for it.

If you are a beginner, start with a simple code editor. Using a more complex code editor, a beginner may feel overwhelmed, and also, some complex code editors simplify coding which is not good for beginners since they need to learn to write code manually at first without any help from software.

Recommended code editor for beginners - Notepad2 very basic (but powerful) code editor.

Once you feel comfortable with a simple code editor, you can move on to a more complex one.

Getting familiar with your code editor

Download a code editor and take a few days to familiarize yourself with it. After all, this is a program you will be using to build webpages so it's important that you know how to use it well.

Create a few files and expirement with them. Look through the settings, try changing them around to see what happens. Study the interface. Tweak, test, expirement, be curious!

Familiarizing yourself with your code editor will make the experience of working with it easier and more enjoyable.

NOTE: If you are a beginner and your code editor has a code completion feature, don't use it! You should learn to write code manually first.

Finding other code editors

Find other code editors through search engines or try one of the resources below:

Our own list of code editors
list of code editors at the DMOZ directory

Using more than one code editor

What if you are using one code editor and you find another one that you don't need but it has one or two really great features that the code editor you are using doesn't have? Use both!

When using more than one code editor, use one as your primary code editor, and have one or two others that you use for specific features when you need them.

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