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Code editor programs

There are some code editors with very few features, some with almost every feature you could think of, and everything in between. Simple code editors are good for beginner's so that they don't get overwhelmed by all the features of a complex code editor, though some experienced coders prefer to use simple code editors as well, as some are very effective (even if they are simple).

This tutorial focuses on:

As simple as it gets

The simplest code editor of all is actually a text editor. Use a text editor to write code if you want a really simple coding environment, but it is not recommended since code editors (even really basic ones) are much more practical for writing code.

Notepad (Windows)

Access notepad by going to Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad OR go to Start -> Run -> Type 'notepad' -> press Enter

Nano (Linux)

Access nano by typing 'nano' on the Linux command line and pressing Enter

List of code editors

Code editor Description
online code editor
Our very own code editor. Contains code snippet selection, dual code & output views, output in new window, and multi-language support. Go to online code editor
Notepad2 A fast, easy to use code editor which has a few basic (but important!) features including text zoom, syntax highlighting, and advanced search.
Notepad++ A very sleek and versatile code editor with several features including plugins (for things like FTP and document monitoring), macros, and code block highlighting.
Textpad An easy to use, intuitive code editor with some great features such as a dual layout (explorer window for browsing the files on your hard drive, and a code window), spellchecking, and tabs.
Programmer's Notepad A robust and powerful code editor which has several features including syntax highlighting, case changing (change text from lowercase to uppercase or uppercase to lowercase with the click of a button), and advanced search.
Kompozer A friendly, easy to use code editor which includes features such as a dual layout (FTP window and a code window), Javascript error console, point-and-click building, and toolbar customization.
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