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  2. ASP basics
  3. ASP variables
  4. ASP operators

Introduction to ASP

So you want to learn ASP? You may already know a web language like HTML or Javascript and you want to move onto something more interactive, or you may have heard about ASP and are curious about it, or one of many other reasons. Whatever your reason(s) may be, ASP is great to learn!

This tutorial focuses on:

What you should already know

Before beginning your studies of ASP, you should already have at least a basic understanding of:

What is ASP?

ASP stands for Active Server Pages and it is a Microsoft technology.

ASP can be a little confusing to the beginner at first because of the concept behind it. ASP is NOT a language, but a technology. HTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript -- these exist as separate languages, while ASP is a special technology that incorporates several scripting languages such as Javascript and VBScript into itself and allows for the use of them.

NOTE: ASP runs on the server-side. This means that a web server, not a web browser, executes the ASP code. So a web browser that displays the ASP files of a website does not necessarily have to support scripting as the server takes care of that part when it comes to ASP! Other server-side scripting languages include PERL and PHP. Learn more about the different type of computer languages at our different type of computer languages tutorial.

What ASP is not

As stated above, ASP is NOT a language, but a technology. Some people refer to it as a language, and when they do they usually mean a language that runs server-side VBScript code since VBScript is the default language used by ASP.

ASP file extensions

ASP documents have a file extension of .asp

What can be done with ASP?

All this and much more can be done with ASP!

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